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We are a design & development firm based in Bangalore.

We create solutions for the cloud, bold identities and other digital stuff. We help your business stand out.

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Creative Ideas

Ideas are central to anything and everything we do at Tridz. We begin by generating an idea and then build on it to deliver unbeatable designs and robust products, that are well researched and designed to impress and stand out.

User Centric

We craft each work of ours specifically for the audience it is meant for. We put usability and UXD a priority in everything we do. We follow Human-centred design process to make sure that the end product achieves its goal and work for the end-user.

Upto Date

At Tridz we use latest technologies and standards. We use technologies like HTML5, Progressive Web Apps(PWA), React, Python, Magento, Drupal, Odoo, ERPNext and more. Our works are standard compliant and optimized for speed and performance.

Our services.

Drupal Services

We expertise in building solutions using Drupal & sharing our expertise through training and consultation.

At Tridz, we have great expertise in developing high-end solutions using Drupal. We build & maintain cloud based CMS Platforms, E-Commerce solutions, Social Networks and more. We exploit latest technologies to build highly responsive, cloud and mobile ready solutions.

We consult and train large MNC's & Non-Profits in Drupal. Our expertise helps us to build the right solution, with the right architecture & stack; thereby ensuring it to be highly scalable and optimised for the digital era.

We have been helping global clients to solve problem cost-effectively and within tight deadlines.

Cloud Infra Services

We deploy & manage cloud based solutions on leading cloud platforms including AWS & Google Compute Engine.

Our expertise in architecting & implementing cloud based solutions are unmatched. From servers, networks, storage and applications to strategic deployments for disaster recovery, our services are enterprise grade, cost-effective & customized to individual business needs. We provide full cloud lifecycle, including advisory, process design, integration & technical design, implementation, migration and ongoing management. This holistic approach ensures a smooth and seamless transition to the cloud.

We also specialise in deploying & maintaining Drupal, Enterprise Email Solutions, Collaborative platforms and more on various cloud providers including Amazon web services(AWS).

Logo & Brand Identity

Branding is like story telling. We believe that each brand has emotions and stories to tell.

At the heart of both crafts is the power to evoke emotions from the audience. Great storytellers can make people cry while as branding experts we can make people buy.

At Tridz we do research and analysis of the brand and work along with you to decide your story and what you want your brand to convey. We believe branding is more than just words and designs.

It is the process of defining/refining your focus; who you are, what makes you different, and what unique value you offer. Once it's defined/refined, being either intentional and strategic about making that tangible for people not just in how the logos look and design are done, but also in what you say and more importantly Do.

Product Development

We develop products from concepts to market, that is robust, fast & future-proof.

We have experience delivering several successful projects. We develop & deliver highly robust products, understanding the delicate balance between time-to-market, functionality, performance and quality. We combine superior process, project management and principles of Agile Development to deliver quickly.

Whether it be an MVP for a start-up or a full fledge product for an enterprise, we can serve you. Our experienced team combined with our years of experience in product development will help you achieve your goals effectively.

UX, UI & Usability Services

Tridz combines UX, Visual Design and development to create an experience that will enhance your application to the next level.

User Interfaces (UI) and User Experience (UX) are key in the success of any application. We have expertise in creating highly usable designs & carefully planned interfaces.

We help companies in improving their existing products or to create new ones through research, strategy and design. Using our knowledge of human interaction, we create digital experiences that are easy and delightful to use. Our expertise in usability, information architecture (IA) and interaction design, lays down the entire experience, ensuring the users can achieve their objectives easily.

Technical Services

We provide proactive maintenance, monitoring and support for websites & systems (onsite & remote).

Tridz offers enterprise-class technical services & remote IT support, covering almost all spectrum of IT requirement. We are committed to elevating your organization's performance through efficient management of IT.

We are very cost-effective in remote IT support, with solutions and expertise that is enterprise-grade. Our services include monitoring & maintenance of websites, servers both in-house and remote. Management & support of internal computers, network and firewalls. Planning and executing contingency plans. Supporting in troubleshoot issues in Windows, Macintosh & Linux based operating systems.

We have serviced.

About us.

Started in 2007, Tridz is a Design and Web Development firm based in Bangalore, We integrate Business and design in the most effective way. At Tridz, Design and Usability are at the heart of everything we do think.

We are comprised of highly talented and extremely unique blend of specialists in the domain. It is our passion for the industry that is the foundation of our agency.

We are boutique by design. We have a very selective and intimate team of experts with passion and experience in all facets of the web, print and software domain. We believe we are stronger together than apart - it is our team's collective experiences, skills and knowledge that together inclusively create and deliver solutions of the highest caliber.

We focus on the quality of the work rather than focusing on the quantity we do. We believe professionalism has to be achieved in the work. We are not a big company but in imagination and depth of creativity, we are far beyond anyone.

Our Process

Our design process is very much Action-Centric.

We a follow a very successful flow of process that has helped us achieve great results in the past. It has been improved through out our works and is a very successful model that involves Information Gathering, Planning, Design, Development, Testing & Delivery, Documentation and Maintenance.

Our Approach

We follow an approach that is both user-centric and user centric.

We focus on the goals & tasks associated with the use of the website, with out losing focus on the needs, wants and limitations of the end user. We strongly believe that depending on just one of this process won't work. Above all, we make sure that we keep thing simple and minimal.

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